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Rainforest Oasis Sensitive Starter Pack

This one genuinely smells like the colour green. Gloriously crisp, clean and energising. And, like, really green. Contains no baking soda.


  • ♻️

    Reuse for life

    Use again and again

  • 🌱

    No nasties

    Made from plants

  • 👌

    Refill ready

    Stick. Twist. Repeat.

  • 🌍

    Planet friendly

    End throwaway culture

Crisp & Clean🌴

A journey of discovery for your pits. One sniff and you’ll be transported to the calm and tranquility of a rainforest (without the bugs). A sensory explosion of fresh, crisp and earthy notes, including neroli, coriander and patchouli. Scent doesn’t get greener than this.

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