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Ultimate Floral Whispers Combo Pack

Everything you need for a refillable, waste-free bathroom


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    So, so smooth

    β€˜It actually feels like a bit of a massage!’

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    Amazing scents

    β€˜It’s so much fun swapping refills’

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    Naturally good

    β€˜I even use it in other areas, because it’s natural.’

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    Ridiculously easy

    β€˜It’s one less thing for me to forget when I’m shopping.’

What's in the bundle...

1x Pink Case + 3 Refills

Floral Whispers - Fresh & Sweet. Stacey's signature scent is infused with flower notes, creating a modern yet timeless fragrance.

1x Rainforest Oasis Body Wash Starter Pack

An Ivory Body Wash case with our brand new Rainforest Oasis scent. A journey of discovery for your skin. One sniff and you’ll be transported to the calm and tranquility of a rainforest (without the bugs). A sensory explosion of fresh, crisp and earthy notes, including neroli, coriander and patchouli. Scent doesn’t get greener than this.

"Full of flowers"

The story of Stacey’s limited edition scent

"Designing a scent is so much fun, I’ve just chosen all my favourite things! My daughter’s called Rose, I’ve got peonies in the garden and I’m obsessed with jasmine. And it’s the nicest smell ever! I think you’re going to love it as much as I do.”

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